The walnut wood is much more present than before.  It is used for furniture, the kitchen cabinets, le floors.  Its richness is felt everywhere!



Transparent or tinted, the furniture made of glass has a place of privilege in all the rooms of the house.  They go very nicely with other materials and create a contemporary and elegant ambience.  In a more neutral décor, glass furniture will blend itself perfectly.




French vanilla, hazelnut, pastel colors, bleu “denim », earth colors, orange, green, warm greys, purplish colors are the winner this year.  These colors evoke magnitude and bring warmth and comfort to all interiors.




From the floor to the ceiling, accessories, furniture and textiles, the square motif has all our attention! We mix material and art.  Refined, elegant with its natural colors, we are seduced with a décor that is founded on the disposition of pieces of wood.




We personalize it ! We can paint it but we should not limit ourselves to the color.  We apply beams, wallpaper, and we play with “relief” with the help of   stylised lighting.  Careful with dark colors since they tend to give the impression that the ceiling is low and the heavy patterns which would overload the ambience.




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