Trends evolve with time.  Designer from all over observe the present to better imagine the future.  Well here is what 2019 has in store for us in terms of design, color and appliances in our kitchens.

Sink: the next generation

The eternal white or stainless steel sink will give its place to a whole new series of ergonomic, aesthetic, more colorful and functional ones.  Whether they are embossed, with touches of metal, wood or color, you will be able to match them to your existing furniture and cabinets.  These new sinks will have integrated cutting boards, ice buckets and more.  Space will ultimately be spared for those who have limited counter space.

Hanging fixtures have the best rating!

Of course recessed fixtures are here to stay but we will see a return of the many hanging lights.  Gold ones, brass ones and those with round shapes “mid-century” style.  Ah the 1950’s!

Shelfs and more shelfs

We will see in 2019 an open concept for showing off our day to day dishes and our more formal ones.  We will also see the return of utensils on mural racks.  Don’t hesitate to show off!

Matt for appliances are sure to be fashionable

They will win in popularity just like we’ve seen with high end cars these pas few years.  The dark matt finish of all types of appliances will go marvellously with matt fittings and hardware.  Goodbye finger marks and spots.  To all these elements, don’t forget to add an accent of color and a touch of copper.  Bleu and olive green will be trendy!



Will you dare a new kitchen in 2019 ?

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