In the wide world of decoration, fashion and trends change very rapidly.  But how can a color transform itself in an international trend.  Who decides and how is it done ?

Experts spend months studying trends.  These reflections start in the middle of each year.  Everything influences the final choice:  fashion, politics, music, cinema, the news and even the business world.

Architects, designers and leaders of the business world get together and try to understand what makes people vibrate.  What colors inspire them the most that particular year and what they might fall for in future years.  From that point, a whole range of colors is chosen.  After many reflections and months of brainstorming, a theme of general colors is revealed and from there the color of the year is chosen.  A complex process that is renewed every year !

So what will be the color of 2019 ?  We are in September so the colors of the year has not been revealed yet.  On the other hand, what I can say is that the trend is as follows: the neutral tones are inspired by nature and are the range of warm greys, Bordeaux and pink, ambiences turning around violet and intense green jade and mustard yellow.



Patience ! I will keep you posted on the color of the new year very soon !

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