The most famous chair in the world !  Born under the name number 14 in 1851 by Michael Thonet for a a café Director in Paris.  This chair is know today under the name of the Bistrot chair.  It is an icone of design in the furniture world, with its simple and elegant lines.  Over 50 million chairs were sold between 1589 and 1910 alone !

Today, you can see this famous chair in Times Square, but under a different design !  It is now much more colorful, made out of metal and can be easily folded.  It is a design the company Fermod is most proud of.  Fermod was able to bring his famous reinvented Bistrot chair to the Americans.  You will see the famous chair in parcs and various places in the Big Apple.  Too bad Fermod did not sign did not sign his artwork!  No where will you see the designer’s name.  Still bravo for selling over 200 000 of his reinvented bistrot chair in the world each year !





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